Precisely what is the VDR System?

Precisely what is the VDR System?

The VDR system is a data recording and playback system for boats. It consists of a recording control unit and a data management unit. The products are connected to various accessories on board the ship. The information is then recorded and trapped in a tamper proof storage device. In case of an unexpected emergency, this data can be used in a number of ways.

The next generation VDR offers even more flexibility and functionality. Excellent global system network and comes with a two-year warrantee. It also provides a ‘health check’ function that alerts users of virtually any potential faults. It also comprises of a'replay’ software capability that enables users to review accidents.

The minimum data products click to investigate kept in the VDR include the particular date and time, which should be referenced to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The VDR should also shop the position, speed, and planning of the cruise ship. In addition , it may record virtually any radio advertising over VHF and the audio from the connection. It should likewise record the radar data, depth beneath the keel, and main alarms. Additionally , the VDR should likewise record the watertight status of the cruise ship.

The VDR system consists of an industrial grade computer that processes and records info from different sensors note of a vessel. The data stream is encoded and documented onto a final recording method that is designed to endure an accident. The training may be equipped with backup applications and external tools.